43rd Women’s Soaring Seminar

Springfield, VT

August 16-20, 2021

The New England Soaring Association (NESA) operates out of the Hartness State Airport (KVSF), Springfield, VT. KVSF is a 2 to 2.5 hour drive from major New England airports and is accessible from New York by train.  See Seminar Transportation  for more information. While NESA is the primary sponsor, other New England clubs, including the Franconia Soaring Association (FSA) and the Greater Boston Soaring Club (GBSC), are helping out by supplying additional two-place gliders, XC mentor pilots, instructors, tow planes, tow pilots, and presenters for the week.

New England soaring is wonderful. There is varied terrain within reach of Springfield, VT, including a very friendly landable river valley and mountains with ridge and wave lift. The Vermont Green Mountains are to the west and the New Hampshire White Mountains are to the northeast.

To join us at the Seminar: 

The seminar is now over; we had a great time!

1) Registration is closed. For the safety of all attendees and volunteers, we are requiring attendees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Thank-you! Registration is online here!

2) Please select the “Pay To WSPA Treasurer” option at the end of the registration form and mail a check to the treasurer.

3) Registration has two levels, you are either Non-flying folks who share Seminar events and meals, or Flying folks. These have two different prices. The same registration fees apply to youth, associate, and full WSPA members.

4) All seminar participants need to be current WSPA members at the time of the Seminar. Dues are $25 per year for full (women) and associate (men) members ($28 with PayPal), and $10 for youth members ($11 with PayPal). You can pay your WSPA dues with your registration.

5) Pilots registering to fly at the Seminar will have temporary membership in NESA, and so need to be SSA members. NESA and participating clubs are SSA clubs, and SSA membership is a required club rule. Contact the Soaring Society of America directly if you need a 1-year membership in that society.

6) You are responsible for your own lodging arrangements. Some information is provided below.

Airport: Visit NESA-info for more information about NESA. Detailed airport information can be found at KVSF-info.

Lodging: Camping is available on the airfield. More lodging suggestions are here.

Costs: Non-flying registration is $250; Flying registration is $330 and includes the temporary NESA club membership fee. Additional information on flying costs is here.

Your individual plans: Bringing your own ship? Want to arrange camping on the field? Special dietary concerns? Flying in but unfamiliar with the field? Have special plans or hopes for your Seminar flying?

Seminar hostesses are Margarett Roy and Cathy Keller. For questions or suggestions, contact us at Seminar2021@womensoaring.org.

Send a personal check or money order payable to WSPA and mail to:

WSPA Seminar
c/o Margarett Roy, WSPA Treasurer

PO BOX 1197
Central Islip, NY 11722


The seminar was held on August 16-20, 2021 and we had a great time! Many thanks to all of the volunteers from NESA, GBSC, PMSC, and WSPA.

We came to Vermont so green

And found a lively soaring scene.

Great pilots galore

Shared knowledge and lore.

We’ll go home better pilots and keen.

–Lucy Anne McKosky

Seminar Benefits

  • Networking Opportunities– Building new relationships and meeting new friends is important to your growth as a pilot. Relationships can help you gain knowledge from having meaningful conversations with them and interactions.
  • Learning Something New – Learning about new and more effective ways to accomplish things and gaining more knowledge about soaring in general.
  • Developing Expertise – Soaring training enables you to gain more expertise and helps you develop new ideas to improve as a pilot.
  • Gaining Inspiration – Meeting new people and learning new things often leads to great feelings of inspiration.
  • Having fun – Attending seminars are usually very fun. It’s a day away from the normal daily routine to improve you skills.  It is fun to connect with like minded women and support each other.

What Happens At Seminar