44rd Women’s Soaring Seminar

Uebersberg, Pfullingen, Germany

July  25-29, 2022

About our glider port Uebersberg:

The Uebersberg is located  on  048°27’33”North, 009°17’55”East, in exposed position on the ridge of the the Schwäbische Alb, close to the towns Reutlingen, population of 116, 000 and Pfullingen, 20, 000, about 30 miles south of Stuttgart, 635, 000 inhabitants. Stuttgart with its international Airport is the capital of our south western German state Baden Württemberg. Delta offers direct flights from Atlanta to Stuttgart. From Stuttgart Airport it takes only a one hour drive to the Uebersberg. A special feature of our glider port is the Winch launch. This is a very fast and cheap (€ 8,-) way to get up into the air. Within 30 seconds, pilots sometimes are released directly into the house thermals.

Soaring Conditions in our region
The Swabian Alb is a limestone – mountain range that spreads out about 140 miles between black forest and the upper Neckar in the north east and the Danube in the southeast. The ridge mountains range from 400 to 1100 m in elevation and provide excellent thermaling conditions. Cross country flights from here to the black forest (quite frequently!), along the Danube-Valley to the east or sometimes even to the Alps are possible.

Airport: https://www.uebersberg.de/index.php/infos-fur-piloten/

Uebersberg has two landing fields on grass and is only licensed for gliders, motor-gliders and ultralight aircrafts.
Startbahn: 26 1020x30m
Startbahn: 08 785x30m
Landebahn: 26 780x30m
Landebahn: 08 790x30m

Lodging: TBA

Costs: TBA

Your individual plans: Want to arrange camping on the field? Special dietary concerns? Flying in but unfamiliar with the field? Have special plans or hopes for your Seminar flying?

WSPA Seminar Host
c/o Ulrike Franz

Ulrike Franz and Heinrich Beutel, WSPA Members and Members of the
Luftsportverein Reutlingen.
eule@ulrikefranz.de  72762 Reutlingen, Germany.




The 43rd seminar was held on August 16-20, 2021 and we had a great time! Many thanks to all of the volunteers from NESA, GBSC, PMSC, and WSPA.

We came to Vermont so green

And found a lively soaring scene.

Great pilots galore

Shared knowledge and lore.

We’ll go home better pilots and keen.

–Lucy Anne McKosky

Seminar Benefits

  • Networking Opportunities– Building new relationships and meeting new friends is important to your growth as a pilot. Relationships can help you gain knowledge from having meaningful conversations with them and interactions.
  • Learning Something New – Learning about new and more effective ways to accomplish things and gaining more knowledge about soaring in general.
  • Developing Expertise – Soaring training enables you to gain more expertise and helps you develop new ideas to improve as a pilot.
  • Gaining Inspiration – Meeting new people and learning new things often leads to great feelings of inspiration.
  • Having fun – Attending seminars are usually very fun. It’s a day away from the normal daily routine to improve you skills.  It is fun to connect with like minded women and support each other.

What Happens At Seminar