All solo flights of NESA club gliders require a club check-out by a permanent NESA club instructor. All instruction at the seminar is free! Flying costs are outlined below. Flying costs are economical because seminar participants are expected to help out with the flying activities, such as launch, retrieve, recording flight information, washing ships, and such–you will be members, after all.

In addition to the seminar registration fee, flying attendees will pay any tow or glider usage fees at club membership rates, payable on the last day of the seminar.  The club tow fees (subject to change) are: Pattern $23, 1.5K $29, 2K $35, 2.5K $41, 3K $47. The glider usage fees depend on the glider and the club. As examples, NESA glider usage for a pattern is $6, while all other flights regardless of duration are $8. GBSC usage rates are $0 for a pattern tow, $10 for all other flights lasting up to an hour, $10/hour in 1/10 hour increments after the first hour, except ASK-21 sailplanes will have a higher hourly fee. Privately owned Duo-Discus sailplanes usage fees are to be determined. The exact price layout will be available to registered flying attendees before the seminar starts.