St. Louis Soaring Association (SLSA), Highland, Illinois
July 1 - 5, 2019
Registration Deadline: June 15, 2019

Each person attending & planning to fly must fill out this registration form

1. Pilot Information
Name: Email address:
Address (Street): Address (City):
Address (State, Zip): Address (Country):
Cell phone: Other phone:

2. Emergency Information
Emergency Contact: Relationship:
Will he/she be on the field? - Yes No
His/Her Phone Number(s): Cell Other phone
His/Her Address (Street City Zip):
Medical information we should know about?:

3. Pilot Status
Pilot Flying in the Seminar? YesNo If no, skip down to #5
US (FAA) pilot certificate? Yes No Student
No but pilot certificate from another country?
Total glider PIC hours: Total hours THIS year:
Date of last Flight Review:
Highest FAI Badge: SSA Member Number (required to fly at SLSA):
Bringing your own Aircraft? : Yes No
*If yes, please coordinate with the organizers about this, and you must show a logged current flight review and proof of insurance coverage on-site prior to flight; If bringing a glider owned by another, you also must have a letter signed by the owner authorizing your use of the glider.

4. Seminar Flying Goals
(check all that apply):
Basic Instruction Improve Thermalling skills FAI Badge Work (Which Badge or Leg)
Back seat check-out Improve general skills Complete a flight review X-Country flying
Complete a Check-ride (Please specify: Private, Commercial, etc.)
Other Goals:(Please specify)
I would like to fly with a local mentor pilot for x-country experience Dual Lead and Follow Flight Planning

5. When can we expect you?
Planned arrival date:
Planned departure date:

6. Lodging:
See WSPA website for lodging information.
What are your lodging plans?
Are you willing to share accomidations? No Yes, please put me in touch with potential roomates.

7. Seminar T-shirt
Included with registration is one (1) t-shirt. Additional t-shirts are available for order. Please tell us the size of your seminar shirt, and the number of additional shirts you'd like to order.
Seminar shirt (included with registration)1
Additional shirt(s) $20.00 ea
Additional shirt(s) $20.00 ea
Additional shirt(s) $20.00 ea
Additional shirt(s) $20.00 ea

Want to order more shirts?Please check here if you would like someone to contact you for a larger order.

8. Seminar Instructional Material
Choose one format: printed materials flash drive

9. WSPA Membership is required for registration
Registration includes one seminar T-shirt, seminar materials and instructional classes, meals Mon-Fri, including the WSPA Banquet on Friday night, and a required donation to the Briegleb Scholarship ($20, it funds one Seminar Scholarship next year).
Check here if you will be using a WSPA Scholarship to help pay registration fee, and contact the WSPA treasurer at treasurer@womensoaring.org to coordinate this.

10. Registration Cost (Note: Flying costs are separate from this, and will be billed during the seminar.)
-If you are flying and your dues are current as of June 30th, 2019: $310.00
-If your are flying and you need to pay your dues, for a 1 year WSPA membership: $330.00
-If you are NOT flying and your dues are current as of June 30, 2019: $235.00
- If you are NOT flying and you need to pay for a 1-year WSPA Associate membership $255.00
*Additional T-Shirts Ordered above ($20 X # of shirts):
Total payment toward registration: $
Optional - Additional Donation to the WSPA Scholarship Funds: $
Total payment: $

PayPal is available for payments on the confirmation page, and also at the bottom of your confirmation Email.
Make personal check or money order payable to WSPA and mail to:

WSPA Seminar
C/O Mary Rust
26630 Garrett Ryan Ct.,
Hemet CA 92544

Please register before June 15, 2019, later registrations and payments will not guarantee a seminar T-shirt in your size.

Registration is not complete until payments are received by WSPA.

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