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Hangar Soaring Editor

Frauke Elber  is WSPA’s editor for the Hangar Soaring newsletters published four times a year.  We all really appreciate her many years of work in this position, and the interesting content she shares. Thank you Frauke!

Frauke started soaring in 1962 in Germany. In 1968, she gave a new colleague at work a guest ride. He never paid for the flight but married her instead.

In 1970, Frauke and her husband Wolf moved to the USA and immediately joined the Tidewater Soaring Society. Frauke became a charter member of the WSPA and in early 2000 turned this small organization into an international one with members now in 10 countries. Since 2001, she has been editor and publisher of Hangar Soaring, the WSPA quarterly newsletter. Although not actively flying anymore, Frauke is still very active in the WSPA, promoting women soaring in this country and overseas.