Panel Upgrade

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Panel Upgrade

Postby Colleen » Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:05 pm

Is there anybody out there? (sorry for the Pink Floyd... I am a child of the ~ oh never mind)

I am excited to upgrade my panel. Here is what I am doing:
S8 variometer
Already have an Oudie which I will use for moving map.
Trig brick Transponder

Mark and I have thought that if I don't like the S8 size, I will buy the S80 which is what I really want but found the S8 on sale and he will take the S8. I just don't like a lot of 'stuff' in front of me. trouble is, then I need to buy a new ASI or altimiter in the smaller instrument size.
Paul had a GREAT deal on a Becker radio packate. radio. microphone, speaker, ptt, cables... I am so tired of Trig's.
lastly a

I think that is it. My wallet hurts, but wow I will have such a nice clean and functional panel.

I would like to add a panel mount connector to charge the batteries. Anybody have ideas? I would prefer something with a flip cover so it is covered during flight. I have a girlfriend at work who is the connector guru but thought I would toss it out here as well. (although I am probably talking to myself...)
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