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2009 Seminar Report

By Lucy Anne McKosky Imagine soaring high over mountain ridges, a hawk wheeling on your wingtip, the Alps silhouetted in the distance. Imagine an emerald lake, with a fairytale castle perched high above and a mystical tower on a tiny island. Imagine evenings under a cheery tent, an ample buffet spread with delicious local dishes,…

2007 Seminar Report

By Neita Montague (and others) Wish you had been here with us in Avenal, CA at the 29th Annual Women’s Soaring Seminar. Weather was in the nineties, sunny and blue and the soaring was fun! 19 women and 5 men attended full time. Bertha Ryan and Arleen Coleson stopped by for a few hours and…

Women Championships

History of Women Championships For those of you who missed Frauke’s talk at the 2006 Convention here is the text of her speech: History of the Women’s International, European and now World Championships The goal of this presentation is to show how women-only contests evolved and led to the now 3rd Women’s World Championships. The…

FAI Badges

Silver Badges 2002 6288 Valerie F. Paget 2001 6242 Francis Ann Berryhill 2001 6247 Linda B. Chism 2001 6278 Erica M. Anderson 2000 6206 Sarah E. Anderson 2000 6207 Laura Sue Hohanshelt 1999 6077 Dale Jean Pizzo 1999 6084 Barbara MacLean 1999 6108 Tammie Carswell 1998 5989 Jo Ann Dittert 1998 6023 Donna M. Smith…

Pelagia Majewska Medal Winners

2016Margherita Acquaderni ~ Italy 2015Ritz De Luy ~ Netherlands 2012Maria Bolla ~ Hungary 2011Gill Van Den Broeck ~ Belgium 2009Beryl Hartley ~ Australia 2007Maksymiliana Czmiel-Paszyc ~ Poland 2008Ghislaine Facon ~ France 2008Doris Groves ~ USA 2001Carol Clifford ~ South Africa 2000Angelika Machinek ~ Germany 1997Hana Zejdova ~ Czech Republic 1996Bertha Ryan ~ USA 1995Adele Mazzucchelli…

Supporting the Women’s World Gliding Championship

Dear Soaring Friends, In preparation for the next Women’s World Soaring Championships (WWGC), which will be held in January of 2020, at “Lake Keepit,” in New South Wales, Australia, Sarah Arnold, Kathy Fosha, and Sylvia Grandstaff (all WSPA members) journeyed to Australia for the Pre-WWGC practice session this past January 2019. This is the first…