Women World Soaring Records

Records reported as of March 2015

Record forRecord flownNameYearCountry
Open Class
Free Triangle Distance1107 kmSusanne Schödel 2013D
Free Distance1220.6 kmGishlaine FACON/ Sidonie OHLMANNF
Straight Distance to Goal965 kmPamela Kurstjens-HawkinsUK
Out & Return Distance1270.5 km
Reiko Morinaka
Distance over a Triangular Course1036.56 kmPamela Kurstjens-HawkinsUK
Free Dist. Using up to 3 Turnpoints1851.6 km

Gishlaine FACON/ Sidonie OHLMANN
Free Out& Return Distance1042.55 kmHana ZejdovaCZ
Speed Triangle 100km227.8 km/h
Gishlaine FACON/ Sidonie OHLMANNF
Speed Triangle 300 km160.5 km/h
Gishlaine FACON/ Sidonie OHLMANNF
Speed Triangle 500 km160.3 km/h
Gishlaine FACON/ Sidonie OHLMANN
Speed triangle 750 km150.75 km/hPamela Kurstjens-HawkinsUK
Speed Triangle 1000km138.1 km/hSusanne Schödel
Speed Out& Return 500km156.91 km/hPamela Kurstjens-HawkinsUK
Speed Out&Return 1000km133.89 km/hPamela Kurstjens-HawkinsUK
Altitude Gain10212 mYvonne Loader1988NZ
Absolute Atitude12637 mSabrina Jackintell1979USA
Out&Return Distance1051.4 kmSusanne Schödel 2010DE
Free Triangle Distance1066.1 kmSusanne SchödelD
Free Triangle Distance 
3 turnpoints
1062.5 kmSusanne SchödelD
Speed Triangle 100km159.17 km/h
Marta NajfieldPL
Speed Triangle 300km153.8 km/hAngelika MachinekD
Speed triangle 500 km141.6 km/hGillian SpreckleyUK
Speed Triangle 750 km132.5 km/hHana ZejdovaCZ
Speed Triangle 1000 km116.1 km/hHana ZejdovaCZ
Speed Out & Return 500km157.9 km/hJenny WilkinsonNZ
Speed Out & return 1000 km109.44 km/hHana ZejdovaCZ
World Class
Free Triangle Distance419 kmValeria Paget 2011US
Free Distance405.1 kmGhislaine Facon
Straight Distance to Goal402.0 kmGhislaine Facon
Distance up to 3 Turnpoints450.2 kmGhislaine Facon 2010FR
Out & return distance503.22 kmKerrie ClaffeyAU
Free Distance – 3 turnpoints517.38 kmKerrie ClaffeyAU
Free Out & Return Distance507.97 kmKerrie ClaffeyAU
Speed Triangle 100 km87.75 km/hAdela DankowskaPL
Speed triangle 300 km73.22 km/hAdela DankowskaPL
Speed Triangle 500 km68.82 km/hKerrie ClaffeyAU
Ultra Light Gliders
Free Distance156.1 km
Tanja PristavecSlovenia
Free Distance using 3 turn points357.4 km
Tanja PristavecSlovenia
Free Out & return distance312.2 kmTanja PristavecSlovenia
Out&return Distance204.5kmJana KoutnaCZ
Speed triangle 100 km76.9 km/hTanja PristavecSlovenia

Many thanks to Frauke Elber for taking the time to put this together.